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with Megan Moss Freeman

Healing with Yin Yoga    A One Day Training for teachers, healers and curious practitioners.​    $150

Saturday, January 11, 2020


Bhogah Yoga

8 Fox Hill Drive
Northford, CT

In our current chaotic social landscape the majority of us are overstressed, overstimulated and under-rested. Rest and introspection - necessary ingredients for a healthy human being - are often neglected or forgotten. Our bodies need time to recharge in order to stay well and resilient. Our minds need periods of quiet to be able to see clearly. Our souls need the time and space to wade through all the many layers of consciousness, emotions and habits that have built up over the course of our lives. By simply listening to the messages coming from our inner realm, we can start to make choices and let go of things that are no longer in our best interest and to bring energy and nourishment to the things that are. Yin Yoga, the practice of holding gentle stretches for a few minutes at a time in stillness, gives us the opportunity to do all of this.


Physically, as we stretch, we are moving into the deeper layers of connective tissue. (It feels like giving yourself a deep tissue massage!) These are the areas that hold our most ingrained patterns. As we move into these physical layers we begin to see more clearly the connection between patterns in our body and patterns in our emotional and mental realms. A classic example is of visualizing someone who is depressed. The archetype of this person would have shoulders that were rounded forward, a sunken chest and head hanging forward in sadness. If someone is depressed over a period of time their body will start to actively adapt to support this position, in a sense freezing them into this dispirited posture. Essentially, our body will try to support whatever shape we are in most. Quite literally, the connective tissues will start to form denser, more sturdy layers around our joints and muscles. During our Yin practice we investigate our structural habits and their emotional and energetic consequences and use the targeted deep Yin stretches to to release patterns that don’t serve us. Ultimately, we strive to make space in our bodies for life force to move through our energy channels unrestricted, nourishing every inch of ourselves.


Cultivating a balanced bodily and energetic system is the goal. However, what each person needs to do to come to that balanced state is different for everyone. Some people need more quiet and slowing down, some people need more activity. One variation of a posture might be good for one person, the same pose might be damaging to another. In this one-day training we’ll explore how to work with the actual person in front of you (including yourself!) rather than just spouting out a memorized routine. Using Paul Grilley’s work on skeletal variations we will look at the role that our unique bone structure can play in what variation of a posture we chose to practice or teach. We’ll learn how to “read” bodies though working with each other using range of motion tests and MOST importantly, dialogue. We will also look at the meridians and chakras, the Daoist and Yogic energetic maps of the body, and learn how we might incorporate this knowledge into the Yin practices that we craft. In addition we’ll be learning some seasonal, elemental Qi Gong movements to help encourage circulation through our bodies.


This is geared towards teachers, healers and curious practitioners alike. The day will be a mixture of lecture, discussion and personal practice. Feel free to reach out with any questions! 


(The will be no refund if you cancel less than 5 days before a program start date. Prior to that you will receive a full refund.)


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