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with Megan Moss Freeman + Thomas Droge

20 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Yin Yoga, Chinese Medicine+ Daoism Immersion

Winter 2019 Dates TBA

Fri + Sat  10am-6pm / Sun 10am-5pm

The Pathfinder Institute

28 Warren St - 3rd Floor

New York, NY 10007

Dao Yin Yoga Training

Exploring the story of self-discovery and healing through movement and stillness with Thomas Droge and Megan Moss Freeman.


This 20 hour Dao Yin Yoga immersion will focus on understanding the ancient Daoist body through the study of Chinese medicine energetics expressed in the postures of Yin Yoga. This is an opportunity for teachers and students to deepen their understanding of how these two systems have always been interconnected. ‘Dao Yin’ means leading and guiding the Qi (energy) through your body and energetic field. Through the practice of Yin Yoga we discover the inner knowledge we have in our own conscious and energetic bodies. Slowing our movements down and holding postures for long periods of time allows for a subtle unwinding of the fascia and tendons. This process reveals our hidden story.


Yin yoga aims to change the state of our connective tissues by placing mild stress on the joints through gentle traction or compression. The goal is to restore our natural, healthy range of motion. Typically when we passively hold these yin yoga postures for several minutes, the "stuck" tissues go through a phase change and shift into a more supple, lubricated state bringing freedom into the joints so that we can realign ourselves.

Our studies will include practical asana instruction based on healing and balancing the body. You can expect a balanced blend of lecture, discussion, and space for personal practice and quiet reflection. For professionals, upon completion of this module, you will be eligible for 20 hours of CEU’s.

Topics covered will include:

  • yin yoga theory + practice

  • teaching methodology

  • in depth asana study

  • skeletal variations

  • yin + yang philosophy

  • traditional chinese medicine

  • the elements

  • meridians + qi

  • functional movement + anatomy

  • sequencing

  • how to create space for practice

  • and more

50% of Course Fees are Non-Refundable. You may opt to cancel until 60 days prior to start date. The will be no refund if you cancel less than 60 days before a program start date. If you opt to cancel within the cancellation window no further payments will be processed.  No cancellations may occur less than 60 days before a program start date.


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