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with Megan Moss Freeman

Fri, April 12-Sun, April 14, 2019

Friday at  6pm-9pm, Sat + Sun 10am-6pm

Friday 6-9 is Open to the Public:

Yin + Yang Yoga Practice for Spring

(see below for details)

Wainwright House

260 Stuyvesant Avenue, 

Rye, NY

$300 early-bird / $375 after March 15th

Friday Workshop: $30 to drop in
(included in training if you signed up for weekend)

How has it been integrating this functional approach to yoga into your teaching and practice? We'll discuss questions, experiences and insights that have arisen since Module 1. This segment continues our exploration of Yin Yoga asana and skeletal variations, this time focusing a bit more on bone proportion + torsion. Our asana study will include spinal twists, banana (side body), frog (groin) and dragon fly (inner leg). We'll learn how to use the wall in our yin practice as well as self-myofascial release techniques using therapy balls.


There will be a heavy focus on our nervous sytstem, in particular learning about the vagus nerve and and Chakra, mindfulness and breath practices that we can use to promote a more balance. Thomas Droge, Chinese Medicine doctor, Herbalist and Qi Gong Master will be joining us on Sunday for a few hours to share some Chinese Medicine and Qi Gong techniques for nervous system regulation.


The module will also contain an overview of Assisted Yin Yoga as we learn how to more deeply work with an individual.

You can expect a balanced blend of lecture, personal practice, discussion and partner work. Upon completion of this course professionals will be eligible for 20 CEU's.

Topics Include:

  • Skeletal Variations: Proportions

  • Spinal Twists

  • Banana + Side Body

  • Frog + Groin
    Dragonfly + Inner Leg

  • Wall + Assisted Yin Yoga

  • Chakras

  • Therapy Ball Myofascial Release Techniques

  • Daoist, Qi Gong + Yogic Mindfulness + Breath Techniques for Nervous System

Yin + Yang Yoga Practice for Spring: Friday April 12 from 6-9pm - open to the public

Join Megan for a fluid Yin + Yang Yoga practiced designed to connect us to ourselves and the emerging, blooming environment all around us.  As we awaken from the deep slumber of Winter we can begin to explore more movement and practice approaching our more active Yang postures from a place of grounded, quiet Yin. In Chinese Medicine, Wood is the element of Spring exemplifying growth, change and flexibilty. Not soley physical flexibilty, but also the flecibilty of mind to flow with the ever-changing energies around and within you. The darker side of Wood is anger, so we will work with the Gallbladder and Liver meridians to promote a more balanced internal flow of emotions. This class is suitable for all levels and body types and will include long-held Yin postures and Meditation as well as more active Yoga asana and Qi Gong movements. Wear comfortable, layered clothes and bring a journal and something to write with.  This practice is part of the Yin Yoga Teacher Training but also open to the public to attend.

Please feel free to reach out with any further questions!


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