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Returning to Self

4 week Yin Yoga + Meditation Series

Mondays March 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th



46 Maple St

Florence, MA

$180 early-bird / $200 after Feb 19

Please join Marietta Skeen and Megan Moss Freeman for a rich 4 week series of a multi modal deepening and reconnecting with ourselves. In this intimate gathering, we will come together and ease into a quiet Yin Yoga practice led by Megan. Letting our body be the guide, we will feel (rather than think) our way into gentle, long-held postures. As we listen and observe, we begin to unwind our physical tensions, and start to move through energetic blocks restricting access to our soul's wisdom.

Marietta will then lead us in a unique therapeutic form of meditation in which ALL experiences are welcome and grist for our creative mill. In this receptive yin practice of meditation, we accentuate being comfortable; whether it is sitting on a cushion or laying with blankets on the floor, while being with what the mind and body naturally gravitate toward. This offers a foundation to begin to trust that the body-mind system that actually knows what it needs to move toward balance. After our sit, we will be invited to recall, journal and reflect on our experiences. Over the four weeks, we will focus in on how these two practices come together, to have a profound impact on our daily lives, relationships and sense of self.

We will be meeting for 4 weeks in the Thrive event space at 46 Maple St in Florence.

Meeting dates are Mondays March 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th.

This is a closed group and reserved for 8 people maximum.

Marietta Skeen, MA is a body centered psychotherapist who received her Masters in Transpersonal Psychology at Naropa University. A long time meditator of 20 years, Marietta developed this practice from an integration of Recollective Awareness meditation and training in body centered psychotherapy at Hartford Family Institute. Marietta is the founder of Thrive!, a soul centered community dedicated to authentic relating, healing and creative social action in Florence, MA.

Megan Moss Freeman is a Yin Yoga teacher and teacher trainer based in Florence, MA. Cultivating safe and nurturing spaces for people to slowly and lovingly peel back their layers is of utmost importance to her.



A four week Yin Yoga + Meditation Series

with Marietta Skeen + Megan Moss Freeman

with Marietta Skeen + Megan Moss Freeman


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