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Yin Yoga Teacher Training Level One (20 hours)

With Megan Moss Freeman + special guest Thomas Droge

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This 20 hour yin yoga training includes: 8 hours in person at Kaia Yoga's Mamaroneck location, 9 hours online and 3 homework hours over the course of 2 weeks.

Join Megan for an in-depth exploration into the slow and quiet practice of yin yoga. This training will focus on the fundamentals and is designed for teachers as well as those wanting to learn more about their own practice. In this module we’ll focus primarily on the hips, studying their anatomy, function and how to adapt the yin postures to serve all body types. We’ll also dive into our more subtle energetic realms as we look at the Daoist energy body, meridians and the elements. Together we will learn how to weave all of these ideas together, along with breath-work and meditation to best craft a practice for the unique, ever changing needs of ourselves and those we are working with. You can expect a balanced blend of personal practice, lecture, discussion and of course, fun! Students are encouraged to participate in the live modules, but if you cannot make a scheduled time the classes will be recorded as well.

Sunday, April 24  9am-6pm  IN PERSON (8 hours with 1 hour break for lunch)


-Yin Yoga Roots + Foundations

-Meridians, elements, Qi Gong + the Daoist energy body with Thomas Droge

-The 7 archetypal Yin postures

-Skeletal variations + Functional anatomy

-Target Areas: Bones, fascia + muscle groups 

-Teaching methodology, language + creating space -Yin Yoga practice for Spring


Tuesday, April 26 5-7pm ONLINE (2 hours)

-Shoelace Pose (outer hips)


Sunday,  May 1 10am-1pm ONLINE (3 hours) 

-Saddle + Dragon (front and inner thighs, groin)


Tuesday, May 3rd 5-7pm ONLINE (2 hours)

-Dragonfly (inner leg, hamstrings)


Wednesday, May 4th 9-11:30am ONLINE (2 hours)

-Twisting Elephant + Caterpillar (spine and hamstrings)

Please feel free to reach out with any further questions!


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