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Live Yin Yoga Practice with Megan Moss Freeman
Please note, I am taking a brief hiatus from teaching this class. Will update when I resume!

Class is free.
If you'd like to donate scroll to the bottom
of page for 
PayPal + Venmo info. 

Yin Yoga is a very quiet practice where we hold gentle postures for a few minutes at a time as a way to move into the deeper, denser tissues of our body. The stillness offers plenty of time and space to explore different meditation practices, breath work, visualizations or simply just take a nap! This practice is incredibly nourishing for our nervous system, which in turn helps balance our entire being. Ahhhhh....

What do I need?
Wear comfy clothes w layers in case you get chilly.

Have a couple blankets and pillows handy ( and yoga blocks/bolsters if you have).

I'm sharing one of my Spotify playlists with you all (link above or just click here) so you can play it while we practice (if I play music when I teach it will sound a bit distorted, so better for you to play on your end). If you don't have Spotify, just put on your favorite, relaxing music.)

How do I Log in to Class?
Click the link above (or here) to be brought to class. I will make it "live" around 5:15pm Eastern Time to help people get settled.

Class starts at 5:30pm EDT. 

Are You Accepting Donations?

Many of you kind people have asked if you can send me a donation for class. I very much want these classes to be accessible to everyone regardless of wether or not you have extra money to spend. Please come for free. And if you have the means to donate, I will gratefully accept through PayPal or Venmo (Megan-Freeman-4) but it is absolutely not an expectation or requirement. 

Anything else?

That's it! We'll see what happens! Please note that if you can only drop in for a pose or two, that's fine w me. Stay for as long as you'd like. Hang in there everyone!


led by Megan Moss Freeman

*On a brief hiatus from teaching this class*


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